Fascia Research Congress

2015년 국제 근막 의회 공인된 초록

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1. 근막의 평가 양식

구두발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Bauermeister : Ultrasound Elastography For The Evaluation Of The Elastic Properties Of Fascia And Muscle

Dennenmoser : Electrical Impedance And Sonoelastography As A Tool For The Examination Of Changes In Lumbar Fascia After 

                    Tissue Manipulation

Eng : Estimating Fascial Strain And Elastic Energy Storage In The Human Iliotibial Band

Garcia : Anatomic And Ultrasound Correlation Of Common Painful Points Found During Palpation Of Patients With Lateral 


Lahtinen-Suopanki : The Role Of Fascia In Musicians Upper Extremity Dysfunction And Pain

Mettler : Use Of High Frequency Shear Wave Elastography (hfswe) To Identify And Evaluate Treatment Of Fascial Adhesions

Tu : Measurement Of The Effects Of ‘kinesio-taping’ In Vivo Thoracolumbar Fascia Movement Using Ultrasound: Method Development And Observational Study

포스터 발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Booth : Fascial Distortion Model Manual Therapy And Mri Changes In Acl Tears

Engel l: Paraspinal Soft-tissue Layer Differential Movement From Spinal Manipulative Therapy (smt) Preload Forces

Salavati : Sonographic Effects Of Trigger Points- And Fascia Dry Needling In Subjects With Myofascial Pain Syndrome Of The 

            Upper Trapezius Muscle

2.기본 - 근막의 생체역학

구두발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Gaudreault : Viscoelasticity, Viscoplasticity And Mechanobiological Response Of Fibrous Tissues: Current Concepts

Kirilova-Doneva : Strain Sensitivity Of Human Abdominal Fascia

Krause : Intermuscular Force Transmission Along Myofascial Chains. A Systematic Review

Sichting : The Influence Of Plantar Fascia And Achilles Tendon Load On Human Heel Pad Deformation: An In-vitro Investigation

Sleboda : A Simple Physical Model Replicates Two Behaviors Of Passive Skeletal Muscle

Snoeck : Tendon And Fascial Structure Contributions To Knee Muscle Excursions And Knee Joint Displacement

Wearing : Tendinopathy Changes Ultrasound Transmission In The Patellar Tendon

Wilke : Impact Of Lower Limb Exercises On Musculo-mechanical Properties Of The Lumbar Erector Spinae.

Wilke : Remote Effects Of Lower Limb Stretching: Evidence For Myofascial Connectivity?

포스터 발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Brilla : Spiraling Arms Effect On Lower Extremity Rate Of Force Development: A Pilot Study

Cooley : Cooleys 16 Kinematic Biomechanic Patterns ™ For The Evaluation Of Myofascia Flexibility And Strength

Folger : A Model Of Forces On Fascia From Muscle Contraction And Fascial Manipulation

3. 기본 - 근막의 해부학

구두발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Blasi Brugue : Foetal Fascial Planes: An Anatomic Study With A Focus On Ultrasound-guided Interfascial Nerve Blocks In 


Hoermann : The Macroscopic Situation Of The Pleural Cupula And Its Ligament Connections In 

                Relation Of Patterns/drawings In Literature And Fresh Cadavers

Mense : Effects Of A Fasciits On The Innervation Of The Rat Thoracolumbar Fascia

Miguel : Classification Of Fascial Planes As Natural Pathways For Neural Structures

Perez Bellmunt : Anatomical, Histological And Ultrasound Study Of Retinaculum Of The Proximal Attachment Of Hamstring 

                     Muscles And The Connective Tissue Surrounding The Sciatic Nerve

Pihlman : Anatomical Findings And Co-operative Function Of M. Deltoid And M. Brachialis

Snoeck : The Lacertus Fibrosus Of The Biceps Brachii Muscle: An Anatomical Study

포스터발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Adstrum : Fascia Is Varyingly Depicted To Different Groups Of Health Care Practitioners-in-training

Dones : The Anatomy Of The Forearm Extensor Muscles And The Fascia In The Lateral Aspect Of The Elbow Joint Complex

Hamm : Developing An Open Source Clinical Reference Tool For The Nerve-fascia Interface

Lee : Visualization Of Novel Network Structures (primo Vascular System) In Pericardial Cavity Of Rabbit Heart

Nemetz : The Heart Of Fascia: Initial Steps Toward A Three Dimensional Model Of The Human Extra-cellular Matrix In Dissection 


4.기본 – 근막의 병리학

구두발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Aita Picco : Overactive Bladder: Comparison Of Three Rehabilitative Approaches

Iogna Prat : Fibrosis And Densification: Anatomical Vs Functional Alteration Of The Fascia

Mousavizadeh : Do Corticosteroids Treat Or Exacerbate Tendinopathy? A Study Of Substance P Regulation By Dexamethasone

O’Gorman : Dysregulated Expression Of Imprinted Genes Is A Common Feature Of Palmar Fascia Fibrosis

Weinhold : Low-dosage Intra-articular Triamcinolone Fails To Reduce Joint Contracture

포스터 발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Le Mouel : A New Approach Of Looking At Mechanisms Of Manual Therapy Through The Physiology Of Inflammation 

               And Connective Tissues.

5.임상 – 근막의 특별 고려사항

구두발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Whyte Ferguson : Myofascial And Articular Approach To Treatment Of Children And Adolescents Developing Idiopathic Scoliosis

포스터 발표를 위해 수용된 초록

Davis : Pilot Study Of Mixed Light Touch Manual Therapies On Soldiers With Chronic Post-traumatic Stress Disorder And Injury 

         To The Head

Driscoll : Results Of A 24 Month Prospective Cohort Study Investigating The Influence Of Home-based Therapy On Cerebral 

            Palsy Patients On Intra-abdominal Pressure And Spinal Stability

Fonseca : A Tensegrity-based Soft Exoskeleton Improves The Postural Stability Of Children With Cerebral Palsy

Lord : Fasciatherapy To Favorably Assist Children With Various Learning Disabilities

Marfin-Martin : Sdsf Spatial Dynamic Stimulation Of Fascia Induces Balance Recovery In Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy? Case 

                    Report ‘adult Female Carrier’

Margulis : Treating Myofascial Pain In Nickel-sensitive Women Exposed To Nickel Alloy Underwires In Brassieres: Clinical Case 


Walker-Mcphai l: Implementing Bowen Therapy On Sci Patients With Limb Discrepancy


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